Wednesday, May 14, 2008's Photo of the Week - May 12, 2008

Photographer Kevin McNeal
Caption A Rare Perspective Of San Francisco Under The Bay Bridge
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25 ratings, Aesthetics: 6.72/7 Originality: 6.80/7
Exposure Date 2007-03-29
Location City: San Francisco State: California Country: U.S
Equipment Camera Canon Canon 5D
Technical Details I know this is an icon but I had never seen it ever from here until I saw a similar image. I owe this image to Ed Nunez who I had visited to shoot the Big Sur Coastline with. I wanted to get to this location but he told me it is almost impossible as this is on government property and has pretty tight security due to obvious reasons of late. I told him I had to have it for myself and I would do whatever it took. So we drive there as the sun set and he asked me to jump out the car without stopping and make my way down the steepest embankment of my life all the way down to the water. He could not stop as the police were constantly patrolling the area and I only had a matter of seconds to get out of sight. Once I finally got to the spot I could not setup my tripod due to the steepness; So I dug a deep hole to get my tripod legs into. I could not even put my bag down as it rolled down the hill. I know that a lot of people will disagree with this but when you are desperate to get a rare perspective you will do anything !!! Thanks again to Ed Nunez who made this possible. Thanks for looking ! Canon 5D 17-40L f/11 25 seconds ISO 100
Manipulated? Unknown or Yes

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